United Poolplayers Association - Connecticut Division

SYSTEMATIC SPEED RATION (SSR): The overall level of play, much like a batting average. 

SPEED: The actual Skill Level of a player. (Handicap)

OFFICIAL SPEED (OS): This is the Speed that the player is considered as by UPA corporate office and determines their race in nightly league play.  This is determined by UPA corporate, not by the League Operator.

ACTUAL SPEED (AS): This is the Speed that the player is currently playing at.  This can be less than or greater than the player's Official Speed: sometimes a player may play above or below their actual potential.  The system will keep track of all changes and determine the Official Speed (OS).

GAMES: Total number of games played according to current data entered (this number does not, nor cannot, include outstanding SSR Match Cards.

WIN %: Total number of games played vs. the number of games won.

ME %: Match Efficiency is a player's winning match percentage.

SHOT %: Total number of shots attempted vs. made.

BREAK %: Total number of breaks vs. number of successful breaks.

FOUL %: Total number of games with committed fouls.

MISSES PER GAME (MPG): An average of player's missed shots; per game.

STRATEGIC INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENT (SIQ):  The Strategy Intelligence Quotient of a player's knowledge of tactics and execution.  An accurate track of safety play, both offensive/defensive.

Understanding UPA Language

Instructional video - Understanding  SSRI System

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